Do quantum computers threaten global encryption systems?

Make a mobile phone call and encryption is there to stop eavesdroppers listening in.
Spend money online and encryption ensures your card number and identity cannot be scooped up and used elsewhere.
And the money that keeps global banking systems lubricated only does so thanks to cryptographic software that turns a stream of data into unintelligible nonsense.
Remove all that encryption and the whole lot comes tumbling down.
If that happens we might return to an era when commerce was mostly done face-to-face and based around who you know.

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Siurrealistinis, Gediminas Pranckevicius

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fig. 9 - The earth is a sphere because that is the most perfect mathematical shape and all heavenly bodies are perfect. (Pythagoras, Ancient Greek)

The Outer Sun is an ongoing series illustrating human ideas about the cosmos.

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nyktophile: Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo on the set of Une femme est une femme 

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Gustav Klimt, born today in 1862, is primarily known for his paintings of figures, but he also painted landscapes throughout his career. 
[Gustav Klimt. The Park. 1910 or earlier.]
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